What’s this about a blue wave?

For more than 30 years Republicans have represented Canyon County in the legislature.  During that time they have grown overconfident, extreme in their views and distant from the voters.

In the 2019 legislature most of our representatives voted

    • To limit Medicaid expansion backed by 60% of Canyon County voters
    • To make getting voter initiatives on the ballot nearly impossible
    • To allow parents to force children as young as 13 into marriage
    • To protect the gun rights of child molesters

They also introduced a bill to allow the majority party, rather than a bipartisan committee, to redistrict the state in 2022.  They begrudge Democrats’ hold on 20 percent of the legislative seats.

They aren’t representing the Canyon County we know and love.

Can we do something?  YES.  It’s happened in other states.

More adults in Canyon County stay home from the polls than vote.  If even 1 out of every 6 of them showed up to vote Democrat, the Democrats would win.

Nothing makes more of a difference than face-to-face exchange with voters.

We need volunteers in numbers Canyon County has never seen before.

Sign up today to volunteer!