Idaho Election 2020 Overview

There is no way to sugarcoat Idaho’s results. The Democratic candidates at the top of the ticket each received about 26,000 votes or 28.5%. Idaho is one of the few states where Trump received a greater percentage of votes in 2020 than in 2016.

No Canyon County Democrat won a legislative seat this year. Every one, however, got more votes than any candidate in 2018 or 2016. Percentages of the total vote were roughly 20% in District 11, 30% in Districts 12 and 13, and 34% in District 10. If you get a chance, thank our candidates for the time and effort they put into getting Democratic voters out to vote his year!

STATEWIDE: Democrats lost two legislative seats. Rep. Jake Ellis (District 15 just west of Boise) and Rep. Chris Abernathy (District 29, Bannock County) lost seats to Republican challengers. This gives Republicans a 58 to 12 advantage in the Idaho House. The Senate remains at 28 Republicans and 7 Democrats.


Vice President Joe Biden is more than 4,000,000 ahead in the popular vote and is honing in on the 270 electoral college votes needed. Democrats will retain control of the House. Gaining control of the Senate is a long shot and will depend on a January runoff for two Georgia Senate races.

Visit our 2C Candidates 2020 page to learn of the nine candidates who ran for legislative seats representing Canyon County districts 9 thru 13.



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