Voters’ Guide 1: U.S. and Idaho Senate Candidates

Jerry Sturgill heads Idaho’s Democratic Ticket

Heading the list of Idaho candidates is Boise businessman and lawyer, Jerry Sturgill.  Jerry has had a long career helping firms, large and small, organize and procure financing.  As co-founder of Outlook Capital, a financial advisory firm, he has served as CEO of a regional armored transit and ATM servicing company and as chairman of a food manufacturing company.From Jerry’s website:

                The minimum wage simply must be a livable wage, at levels higher than present and appropriate to the cost of living in Idaho. At the same time, wage increases should be phased in, to protect our small businesses and not discourage our entrepreneurs.
                For those lucky enough to go to college, 72% of them will leave college with an average of $26,091 in debt. More than 50% of those who attend college in Idaho leave Idaho within four years after their graduation. These levels of student debt coupled with the lack of high paying jobs in Idaho force our kids to go elsewhere to find jobs.
  It will take a pragmatic, collaborative approach to management of our public lands – an approach that balances conservation and protection with responsible use by farmers, ranchers, loggers, and miners whose uses will promote our local and state economies.
Dems Run for 2C State Senate Seats
District 9: Carol Bogue
Carol is moving to Washington.  District 9 could name a replacement if someone stepped forward.  .District 10:  Ydalia Yado (website)
Ydalia, a young mother and educator with the Caldwell School District, is determined to change the face of Idaho politics. She grew up in Caldwell’s Farmway Village and went on to specialize in Diversity, Citizenship, and Social Justice at Seattle University. A chicana, Ydalia’s goal is “to transform Idaho by sponsoring policies that protect Idaho’s elders, veterans, children, small-businesses, farmers, hard working families, and members of the LGBT community.”District 11: Pat Day Hartwell (website)
Since earning a degree in Law and Justice from Central Washington State College, Ellensburg, Pat has worked to assist victims of violent crimes. She has helped start rape crisis clinics, organize the forerunner of the Idaho Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence, and gain legislative approval for a constitutional amendment assuring victims’ rights in Idaho. She and her husband own the Lazy PJ Ranch in Huston and where she teaches wool spinning, dyeing, and weaving at the Ranch Shop.District 12:  Chelle Gluch (FB page)
Chelle Gluch is a political activist working to expand Medicaid to cover the gap population and to support the Idaho Food Bank and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.  Her business, kid co, has provided state-licensed childcare for 20 years Chelle is also an author and photographer with more than fifty Idaho-based items published.. She is currently pursuing an MA in Composition and Rhetoric.
District 13: Carl E. Davis
No information at hand.
Write-ups on candidates for U.S. House and Representatives Seat A next month

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