Politics: Note What Republicans Do

                I don’t care about your facts.  I can hate the President if I want.  I hated the last one, and, I’ll probably hate the next one, too.”

                “Obama is such a liar.  You know the hospital in Kenya where he claims he was born wasn’t even built yet?”

                “We don’t need government health care.  People should show some personal responsibility.  Medicare?  That’s different.  I worked for my Medicare.” 

                “My father didn’t vote.  My grandfather didn’t vote.  And you have some NERVE asking me to vote.”

                “Man isn’t causing global warming. Do you have any idea how much pollution is thrown out by volcanoes?”

                “The NRA endorsed the Governor and I listen to the NRA.  I’d die for my guns.”

                “Watch FOX news?  I don’t listen to any news.  I don’t read papers either.  I know to vote Republican without that stuff.”

I’ve heard a lot of scary nonsense working booths and knocking on doors during the last decade, but I’ve kept my faith in the American voter.

When the Republican leadership raged because Obamacare requires everyone to be insured, I trusted voters to realize this was a necessary tradeoff if insurance companies are to cover pre-existing conditions.

When the Republican House voted over 50 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I trusted voters to realize this was a costly publicity stunt to distract from real problems.

When the Congressional Republicans in five House Committees spent months investigating four American deaths in Benghazi, I trusted most voters knew what the investigation eventually found: early information had been inaccurate, but no one had acted irresponsibly.  I even expected voters to be angry that Republicans had cut funding for embassy security.

And when Republican candidates answered every accusation of incompetence and corruption by calling their opponents Obama liberals, I trusted voters to recognize the diversion—and resent–the insult to their intelligence.

Then came the election of 2014 where voters trickled to the polls to vote to weaken social security, public education, worker’s pay and protections, and the rights of women and minorities.

Some Democratic friends are saying we must work harder, present a vision, and be less negative.  One, however, voiced our fear.  “I thought it was enough that we were at the bottom, but now I don’t think people are going to wake up until the bottom falls out.”

Nothing will change until people see the Republican leadership for what it is.

They don’t want to see good-paying jobs available.

They don’t want to see affordable healthcare.

They don’t want to see a good public roads and bridges.

They don’t want to see America with great schools and teachers.

They don’t even want to stop Hispanics from sneaking across our borders.

And they certainly don’t want Americans free from fear.

How do I know this?

Because of what they do.   They know their policies have brought suffering to Americans, yet they show no interest in examining them, much less changing them.

No, they are pleased with their results and are moving full steam ahead.

If the American people don’t fight now, we’ll see a return of the 1920s—where workers saw wages declining from $5 to $4 then $3 a week while a boss could spend $1800 a month on his mistress; where the workplace death rate was ten times today’s rate; and where air, water, and soil pollution was uncontrolled.

Republicans are tightening their hold on America.  Democrats–their most serious challengers—now control the legislatures of only six states.  Moreover, more and more national Democratic leaders are being co-opted.

We fight now or we fight later—or, like those of ancient Rome, we settle for bread and circuses.

Published by Judy Ferro

Judy Ferro is communication director for the 2C Dems and a columnist for the Idaho Press.

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