2C Dems: Thank you to the Caucus Volunteers!

The 2016 Caucus brought an unprecedented 1775 Canyon County Democrats together. May the enthusiasm and spirit buoy us all as we do what we can for Democratic victories in November.

The Central Committee of the Canyon County Democrats would like to let thank each and every one who helped and congratulate them on contributing to an historic occasion that will not soon be forgotten. We cannot name all those who made a difference—many stepped forward spontaneously—but be assured that your help is appreciated.

Special thanks to the band that made the wait during registration a treat and to our emcees—Bob Solomon and Travis Manning.

Thanks to the many who spoke for their candidates with elegance and passion and to the all those who stepped forward to be delegates to the 2016 state convention.

Thanks to those that acted as supervisers—Kris Troxel, data management; Marinda Loyd, decorations; Brent Ferro, ushers; and Judy Ferro, volunteers.

Thanks to the young people who helped– Noah Easley, Jil Easley, Kelsey Ferro, Lexi Cleveland, Abigail Rodriguez, Kristina Goulart, and others.

Thanks to the legislative candidates who helped with voter and caucus registration– TR Loyd, Yadalia Yado, Warren Stevens, Pat Day Hartwell. Jeremy Lopett, Dr. Ed Savala, and Chelle Gluch.

Thanks to the many who helped with the sub-caucuses—John Sandmeyer, Jeff Hess, Alex Zamora, Les and Mary Peck, Chelsea Gaona Lincoln, Michael Angel, and others.

Special thanks to the brave souls that got everyone registered in less than two hours—Pat Day Hartwell, Malinda gunderson, Linda Hess, Nia Stevens, Sabrina Orihuela, Senna Antrim, Steven Farnsworth, Marcine Quenzer, Bob Otten, Rita Burns, Jared Lupton, Sheila Robinson, Patti Moylan, Rhonda Aman, and others.

Thanks to the core that worked from everything from soup to nuts—Roger and Judy Heinbach, Jenny Easley, Larry Dawson, and Betty Solomon.



Published by Judy Ferro

Judy Ferro is communication director for the 2C Dems and a columnist for the Idaho Press.

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