Racism won’t die

Last week wiped out any doubt– racism is alive and thriving in the United States

It didn’t help that the previous week the government had promised massive immigration raids in 10 major cities that it failed to pull off.

Or that Vice President Mike Pence and Republican Senate leaders decided to have a photo op showing them surveying cages of immigrants and then declared that the crisis was the result of the “overwhelming of the system”–a system which this administration had devised.

And it certainly …

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Trump – Who’s the puppet?

President Trump appeared to enjoy slamming the “girls” last week in Europe. If he hadn’t already spit venom at the male leaders of Mexico, Canada, and France, one might think he was sexist.

I don’t have enough knowledge of international relations to have formed opinions, but I’m spilling over with questions.

To start with, why did President Trump tell the NATO chief that Germany is a puppet of Russia? Apparently upset about a natural gas line under construction between the two countries, he said …

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