Medical Updates – IMA

During the legislative session I get weekly updates from the Idaho Medical Association on the bills they are following.  And, week after week, I note that this is what lobbyists are supposed to do–educate legislators and voters.

Medical bills are a substantial portion of the legislative endeavors. At this stage in the session–when only a few special committees may yet submit bills–297 bills have been introduced.  Of these, 23 pertain to schools, 30 to courts, and 32 to health.

The IMA Status Report usually …

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Are you being represented?

Isn’t it great to see our legislators working on issues that show they share our values and concerns?

Like gerrymandering.

Idahoans up and down the state must have been contacting legislators complaining about redistricting methods being way too fair. Or maybe Republican legislators just understand  their supporters have meant to. After all, Idaho has districts where Democrats actually get elected.

Legislators only have to add one more Republican to the redistricting panel and, come 2022, we can have Boise divided up into pie wedges …

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Vote for Prop 2!

So many others have done a great job of supporting Medicaid Expansion lately that I haven’t felt my input was needed. Scores of organizations and volunteers have spoken out loud and clear.

A recent poll by Campaign Clarity Labs, however, reports that 36 percent of Idahoans are undecided on this issue.  Now, “undecided” may simply be the polite way Idaho voters tell pollsters, “None of your business,” but if some are yet struggling with the issue, it’s time for all healthcare supporters to speak …

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Idaho legislature: Perennial issues up front

by Judy Ferro

I’ve heard no Idaho legislature really gets to work until the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee presents a budget. Some make it sound like we could send everyone else home for three weeks.

Others point out each committee is now honing possible legislation and deciding whether to have public hearings before bringing bills to the floor.

Whatever, the news coming out of the legislature right now isn’t focused on the major legislation voters will remember at sessions’ end. Instead, some perennial themes are getting media attention.

Infighting between …

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Idaho Politics: Education, The Gap, and Public Lands

by Judy Ferro

Following candidate forums in Pocatello and Twin Falls last week, newspapers in both cities ran nearly identical headlines stating that education, health care reform and public lands dominated discussions.

These are issues important to voters on which Democratic and Republican candidates differ; moreover, on these issues, most Idahoans agree with Democrats.

Republican legislators are good about setting high goals for students and schools, but not so good at achieving anything. For one thing, they tend to think change is so easy a little pontificating in …

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