Medicaid expansion & initiative process in peril?

“Voters serious about seeing insurance coverage for the ‘gap’ population would be wise to vote for legislators who agree” (Idaho Press, Oct. 16, 2018).

I wrote it once before the 2018 elections–I now regret not repeating it weekly.

Last November, in the privacy of the voting booth, Idahoans passed Medicaid expansion while electing legislators who opposed it.

We’ve known since then that it’d be a fight to get expansion through the legislature, but a second unexpected fight has erupted.

I feel many voters thought …

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Fame & Infamy

Hey, Idaho made national news again.

This time no child came down with bubonic plague, no teacher fed a sick puppy to a turtle, and no one lured a gay man to his death.

No, this time 39 members of the legislature earned Idaho 400 words on by voting down HB 98, a bill “to prevent forced or coerced marriages and the trafficking of children and to limit marriage to those with the legal and practical ability to protect themselves from abuse.”

Apparently, …

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Legislature – Good & Bad News

With March in sight and budget bills ready, the legislature moved into high gear this week, making some people happy, some sad, and others both happy and sad.

The most cheering news was that a bipartisan majority managed to kill two bills aimed at  repealing Medicaid Expansion while they were still in the House Health and Welfare Committee.

Representatives Julianne Young and John Green both argued that voters just weren’t bright enough to be trusted with such an important decision.  Okay, according to reporter …

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Medical Updates – IMA

During the legislative session I get weekly updates from the Idaho Medical Association on the bills they are following.  And, week after week, I note that this is what lobbyists are supposed to do–educate legislators and voters.

Medical bills are a substantial portion of the legislative endeavors. At this stage in the session–when only a few special committees may yet submit bills–297 bills have been introduced.  Of these, 23 pertain to schools, 30 to courts, and 32 to health.

The IMA Status Report usually …

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Are you being represented?

Isn’t it great to see our legislators working on issues that show they share our values and concerns?

Like gerrymandering.

Idahoans up and down the state must have been contacting legislators complaining about redistricting methods being way too fair. Or maybe Republican legislators just understand  their supporters have meant to. After all, Idaho has districts where Democrats actually get elected.

Legislators only have to add one more Republican to the redistricting panel and, come 2022, we can have Boise divided up into pie wedges …

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