Legislature – Good & Bad News

With March in sight and budget bills ready, the legislature moved into high gear this week, making some people happy, some sad, and others both happy and sad.

The most cheering news was that a bipartisan majority managed to kill two bills aimed at  repealing Medicaid Expansion while they were still in the House Health and Welfare Committee.

Representatives Julianne Young and John Green both argued that voters just weren’t bright enough to be trusted with such an important decision.  Okay, according to reporter …

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Problems ahead for Legislature, Congress

Until reading the Idaho Press’ Sunday overview of the issues awaiting the 2019 Idaho legislature, I was expecting a less-than-exciting session this year.  Without elections in the near future, legislators tend to be more focused on Idaho’s needs and less interested in provoking controversy.

But prison overcrowding, an out-of-date school funding formula, and children dying without medical aid are challenging issues.

And personal tax collections since July 1 being $62 million less than predicted heightens the difficulties in funding both Medicaid Expansion and the …

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