Immigration & Greenland?!

Rumors are that President Trump has been thinking of buying Greenland.
The advantages are obvious. The island’s population is about the size of Caldwell’s and its land area is ten times the size of Idaho–but only twice the size if we don’t count the area covered by ice.
And, if the ice melts, oil wells can go up.
Although the President doesn’t believe in global warming, he apparently does believe some strange force will make Greenland’s oil reserves accessible.
Well, as the melting in Greenland raises sea level by …

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Immigration: Trump’s order was wrong, wrong, wrong

by Judy Ferro

I feel compelled to answer those who don’t understand opposition to President Trump’s immigration order postponing admission to the United States for some persons 90 to 120 days and, for Syrians, indefinitely.

Let me state it simply.

The President of the United States signed an order violating our Constitution and several treaties. He did so without consulting with Congressional leaders in his party, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, or the Pentagon.

His staff then defended the order by claiming it was just like one Obama had …

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Refugees: Family values apply

by Judy Ferro

Grandmother Willmorth was born in Texas a decade after the Civil War and absorbed the prejudices of the region before moving north to Ellensburg and, later, Nampa. Even as she refused to justify treating anyone poorly, she regarded blacks as inferiors.

In her 80s, she made an about face.

The Civil Rights struggles of the 1950s brought images of Southern deputies using dogs and cattle prods to force black children away from school house doors to our 11-inch black and white TV.

Grandma paced as she …

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