Farmers & Climate Change

August 2019 would be a month people remember if disasters weren’t so common these days.
The Amazon–an area responsible for 20 percent of the world’s oxygen generation–was on fire. An unimaginable 100,000 fires have blazed this year.
The EPA prepared to end limits on the amount of methane that the oil and gas industry are allowed to emit. (Pound-for-pound methane is 20 times the pollutant that carbon emissions are.)
Hurricane Dorian–with 140 mile an hour winds–was posed to be the most destructive hurricane to hit Florida in 30 …

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House fails on climate change

A recent poll by Navigator found 22 percent of respondents supported the Green New Deal, 29 percent opposed it, and 49 percent weren’t sure. Republicans who watch Fox News, however, were 65 percent opposed to it.

A Grist article said the problem was that mainstream media reported mostly on Democratic infighting and Republican opposition without ever saying what the Green New Deal was about.

I realized I’d put off commenting on this concept longer than I should.

Washington Governor and presidential candidate, Jay Inslee …

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