There’s a major election coming up this November and most of us know less about it than the presidential primaries next March.

(Actually, there’s an election even closer–August 27–but it seems a sleeper.  The recall elections for Middleton School District trustees Tim Winkle and Aliesha McConkle are the only contests I know of in Canyon County.)

But in November, 2C voters will be deciding holders of about 40 different offices in 15 different political entities.  This record-breaking number is brought to you courtesy of …

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Early thoughts about 2020

Normally I’d wait until July at least to write about the 2020 election, but this year I’m making an exception.

After all, the Idaho legislature is off to a smooth start. Yes, there was a $90 million difference between Gov. Brad Little’s revenue projection and the legislature’s, but it seems to affect only one item–the hold-over to next year.

And there’s really little I can add to the discussion of the government shutdown.  Federal employees, citizens needing services, and local economies are hurting more …

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