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Thank you to all those who helped make the Peck Picnic a fun event this year!

Regular Canyon County Dem Meetings

1st Tuesday Social. Next meeting at 6 pm Tues, Aug 3, at the 2C Family Brewery, 1215 S 1st. St, Nampa.  Get to know some fellow Democrats. Feel free to bring in food from one of the many local restaurants in the area.

Central Committee Meetings. Next meeting at 7 pm Tues, July 27. We hope to be at the County Admin Bldg at 111 N. 11th Ave, Caldwell (as Covid allows) and via zoom.

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    1. YES! We’ve been waiting for this election for a long time! It has to go well.

  1. Please think through all of this campaign Rhetoric. Look for common sense.

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