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Canyon County Democratic Party
PO Box 806
Nampa Idaho 83653

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9 Replies to “Contribute”

  1. I fill out all the fields for the purchase of a hat. I press the donate button and it indicates that I must go back and fill in the fields highlighted in red. There are no highlighted fields in red. So, I am stymied as to what I can do.

    1. Sharon – Maybe we can “Zoom” to discuss this? That way you can show me what you are doing? Regards, Rex

  2. Ditto to what Sharon said. (Hi Sharon!)
    There is no place to enter payment info.
    Rex, I don’t think you want to deliver my item to Murphy….I could pick it up in Nampa on Monday and write a check at the same time. When and where might that be?

  3. I donated $10.00 and would like 2 mylar signs. You can drop them off at my address or I can meet you somewhere. Thanks!

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