Canyon County Democratic Party

Phone:  N/A

Mailing Address:
PO Box 806
Nampa, Idaho 83653



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  1. Marco, I’m sorry that I didn’t see your message earlier. I do edit this site just twice a week.

    If the problem still exists, please let us know more about the help you seek. I’m afraid you are dealing with a system that we know little about.

    Our fastest email is

    Judy Ferro

  2. Problem with web site ordering hat. I get through everything, nothing is highlighted in “red” and then it does not let me donate indicating that some fields are missing.

    1. Sharon – When you get back, let me know if you want to try again. To be clear, you should start on I can walk through it with you or you can send a check. Thanks for be willing to try! Regards, Rex

  3. Is there a Canyon County Headquarters office, where one can make a contribution and get campaign signs?

    1. Hi Tammy – We do not have an office this year, but we do have some signs available – especially for local CC candidates. The Idaho Biden campaign has a shop in Boise. Please let us know what & how many signs you want by responding as you did at or at the following:



      Mailing Address:
      PO Box 806
      Nampa, Idaho 83653

  4. The Biden Harris sign was taken from our yard last night We are wondering if we could get several replacements.

  5. Please see my email to canyon county democrats seeking help in a voting emergency involving my college student son, Tyler Harris of Parma.

    J. Christina Hodgson
    (208) 971-6599

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