Democrats are everywhere, even here in Canyon County

I often talk to Democrats in Canyon County who feel very alone in their political opinions. If you feel this way, I’m here to tell you that A LOT of Democrats live in Canyon County. 


As of September 3rd there were 10,333 registered Democrats in Canyon County according to the Secretary of State’s Website

You read that right – we have over 10,000 registered Democrats in Canyon County!

The number of registered Republicans is far higher, I know, but give me a second to explain why 10,000 registered Democrats in Canyon County is remarkable. 

Democrats don’t need to be registered as Democrats to participate in Democratic primaries. Democrats have “open primaries” in Idaho, which means anyone can participate in them regardless of their party registration. Republicans on the other hand, have held “closed primaries” in Idaho since 2012. Voters have to register as Republicans if they want to take part in the Republican primaries, and Democrats do not. 

Many people who regularly vote for Democrats are registered as “unaffiliated.” Idahoans are not required to pick a party affiliation and so tens of thousands of voters in Canyon County have registered as unaffiliated instead. Voters who registered a while ago were automatically registered as unaffiliated, because the registration form did not include the option to pick a party until July 2011. 

Democratic candidates have gotten far more votes than 10,000 in Canyon County. There are a lot of examples of this, but I’ll just give you one. In 2016 James Piotrowski ran for Congress as a Democrat and got over 21,000 votes! 

In summary, voters in Canyon County do not need to register as Democrats, and yet over 10,000 people have done so. That’s remarkable!

We don’t know exactly who–or even how many– Democrats there are, but elections indicate that at least one out of every three people you see in Canyon County is a Democrat. I’ll say it again: 


Let’s dispel the myth that there are no Democrats in Canyon County. Start talking out loud to others about the politics that are important to you, wear your Warren t-shirt with pride, put that Bernie bumper sticker on your car, and wear that Yang “MATH” hat out of the house. Let other people know who you are, you might be pleasantly surprised at the response. 

The important point is that if we do the organizing work we need to do, we can start winning elections in Canyon County. (Much more on this in future articles.)