House misses mark on climate change bills

A recent poll by Navigator found 22 percent of respondents supported the Green New Deal, 29 percent opposed it, and 49 percent weren’t sure. Republicans who watch Fox News, however, were 65 percent opposed to it.

A Grist article said the problem was that mainstream media reported mostly on Democratic infighting and Republican opposition without ever saying what the Green New Deal was about.

I realized I’d put off commenting on this concept longer than I should.

Washington Governor and presidential candidate, Jay Inslee …

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2019 – Rough session for Republicans

Now that the legislature is over, my outrage at the Republican attacks on Medicaid expansion is losing its edge.

It had to be hard to have angry people calling and emailing daily demanding legislators vote against their own philosophy and beliefs. Imagine being barraged with complaints over your best efforts to limit Medicaid expansion after you’d spent years trying to make voters understand that becoming reliant on government harms people–and costs the rest of us money.

Every election voters elect Republican representatives because they …

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Citizen Action -Success & Limits

Gov. Brad Little is vetoing both bills aimed at making it harder to get an initiative on the ballot in Idaho.  And, from one end of the state to the other, Idahoans are grateful.

The Governor listened to the people.

Some might have expected Gov. Little to do so.

Many, however, found it hard to imagine any governor going against the leadership of his own party. Republican legislators voted 4-to-1 for HB 296; that’s a lot of enemies to make with a stroke of the …

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Multiple Choice

Just what do Marianne Williamson, John Delaney, and Wayne Messam have in common?

If you can answer that, you are better informed than I was three days ago– so I’ll make it easier.

It’s the same action that Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Julian Castro have taken.

They have all declared as Democratic presidential candidates. (Adding Joe Biden might have made the question seem easier, but he hasn’t declared.)

According to Ballotpedia, 16 “notable” Democrats have declared as candidates. There are usually two to …

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Lessons from Close Votes!

Idaho elections this month have underlined the importance of each and every vote.

Who would have dreamt that the Vallivue School District bond election would be so close?  The District was seeking approval for a $65.3 million primarily to fund a third middle school and renovation of the 50-year-old Vallivue Middle School building.

Vallivue’s request got one more vote than the two-thirds needed.

A friend who made it to the polling place within four minutes of closing is sure that she and her husband …

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