Rumors of a revolt

I hope rumors of a Democratic revolt didn’t keep anyone from enjoying the Fourth of July.

You didn’t hear rumors?  Good. They weren’t true. I’m sure if we were going to revolt it would have come up when Democrats from across Idaho met in Caldwell just five days earlier. It’s the type of thing that takes some preparation.

A July 3 Facebook post said that Alex Jones, host of the radio talk show InfoWars, had revealed secret Democratic plans for armed revolt.

I went to the website to hear the report, but I could not hang in for more than five minutes of Jones’ diatribe against the Left.

(If you’re wondering, liberals really don’t hate Christians. I suspect a majority of liberals are Christians–but then I’ve read an early edition of Linda Seger’s Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats. Are all of Jones’ shows based on liberals hating people?)

Just how did my friends respond to the supposed report from Jones?

“Will there be beer?”

“I can bring a pitch fork.”

And, “Can it wait until Saturday? I don’t get paid until Friday.”

They laughed. There saw no need to refute such an impossibility.

Apparently, they’ve gotten the word that many listeners stay loyal to personalities who repeatedly lie, not because they believe outlandish claims, but because they are hooked on the emotions of hate and fear that their words generate.

Yes, I’m aware that some members of Antifa, a movement to combat Fascism, believes in countering violence with violence. They carried sticks and protected religious leaders at the riots in Charlottesville.  One member was killed.

Reports that Antifa had beaten a woman and threatened to beat up Trump supporters were proven a hoax–probably dreamed up to kick off the petition drive to have Antifa labeled a terrorist group.

I imagine some talk show host saying, “Conservatives, grab your AKs!  Liberals are out there with sticks.”

So what did several hundred Democrats–liberals fired up by the sight of children being torn away from their parents, by attacks on voting rights and worker rights, by threats to clean air and clean water, and more–do when they gathered in Caldwell before Independence Day?

They changed their platform from a statement of values to a statement of goals and demands based on these values.

The 2016 value, “Idaho Democrats commit to ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare in every community,” became “We require accessible, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare in every community. We believe healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.”

Seven bullet points follow, including, “We demand Medicaid expansion” and “We support the legalization of CBD oil for medical use.”

The 2016 value, “Idaho workers support workers and business people,” became “We believe in the strengths of working people and labor unions as they are the driving force behind healthy communities.”

One of the five bullets following is, “We support businesses that act responsibly toward the working people, the State, and the environment.”

Our values haven’t changed, but our determination to make ourselves clear is stronger.

Democrats know there are ongoing efforts to demonize them, yet they persist in trusting voters to support the common good.

We will continue to work at making our stands clear and achieving as much as our elected numbers allow.

Two days isn’t enough time to write a perfect platform.  We settled for a good one. Access the 2018 Idaho Democratic Platform at:

Note this editorial published by Idaho Tribune – July 9, 2018


Published by Judy Ferro

Judy Ferro is communication director for the 2C Dems and a columnist for the Idaho Press.

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