Race for Lt. Governor

Getting ready for election day?  Final polling is just eight weeks away, and candidates are hurrying to meet voters at events small and large.

For those who haven’t met Kristin Collum, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, now might be a good time. Collum will be at McCain Student Center at the College of Idaho from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. today. Later, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., she will be talking with voters at The Bird Stop, 702 Main St., Caldwell.

Tuesday, 18 Sept, Kristin will be meeting with voters in Boise at the Powderhaus Brewing Company, 4:30-6 p.m.

A slogan of Collum’s campaign is “Vote for the Vet,” and she exudes the energy and strength associated with a seasoned soldier. I walked away from our meeting proud of a military that honed this woman into a confident and experienced leader–and a little jealous that she’d gotten to work with General Colin Powell.

Collum is a cybersecurity expert and her website includes links to articles about the hacking of  four Idaho government websites: legislative, courts, treasurer, and Fish and Game, The implication is clear: Idahoans could get some needed expertise for their buck by hiring her.

A quick read of Collum’s blog indicates a wide range of interests, from the benefits of preschools to the harm new tariffs are doing to Idaho’s farm economy, from the plight of striking miners to the decreasing number of veterans in public office.

And Collum is determined to keep our public lands public. “Let’s vote for politicians who understand that our state’s natural grandeur and beauty are worth preserving for our children and grandchildren. Let’s champion ways our lands can be used to help our state economy and create jobs while preserving and protecting Idaho’s natural resources and beauty.”

I haven’t met the Republican candidate for lt. governor, Janice McGeachin of Idaho Falls, so I have no personal impression of her.

I do know that she served in the Idaho House of Representatives from 2002-2012 and won a five-way Republican primary in May against impressive opponents–three former legislators and a former state chair of the Republican party.

McGeachin’s website indicates devotion to the standard Republican mantra–opposed to  abortion, taxes, government regulations, and Obamacare.

She refers to her personal efforts in support of a bill requiring women seeking abortions to get ultrasounds of the infant’s heartbeat and in educating others to the “devastating impacts of the law [Obamacare] to the individual and to our business community.”  She assures viewers that Idaho will find a “free-market” solution for health care without suggesting an alternative to Republican proposals that have failed in the last six years.

 And McGeachin believes that a lot of hardship would be eliminated if Idaho “had the right to manage her own natural resources.”  It’s unclear, however, whether she wants state management of Federal lands or the outright transfer of lands to the state.

One goal stands out as critical of Idaho’s current Republican establishment: “Bust up the bureaucracy which feeds into cronyism and corruption, so that ALL businesses are free to be productive, not just the politically connected.” My understanding is that Brad Little, the Republican candidate for governor, has been part of that “cronyism” that few Republicans admit is a problem.

Although both leading candidates for Idaho lieutenant governor are women, their differences are stark.  Idahoans are fortunate to have a real choice to make.

Get informed.  Vote.

Note this editorial by Judy Ferro published by Idaho Press – 2018

Published by Judy Ferro

Judy Ferro is communication director for the 2C Dems and a columnist for the Idaho Press.

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