Election Blues

Whatever the outcome, this election has hurt America.

Political leaders have fed hate, seen it erupt in violence, and then fed it all the harder.

Worse, we’ve seen Americans hungrily devour this hate, never stopping to ask whether the lies are believable, much less true.

We can start with candidate Tammy Nichols posting a meme suggesting Democrats mailed pipe bombs to 15 of their perceived leaders in order to arouse sympathy prior to the midterms. She didn’t know if it were true, but wanted people to think about it.

Well, I have every bit as much proof that the Republican National Committee paid Cesar Sayoc $50,000 to build and mail the bombs, supplied him with the names and addresses, and promised him another $10,000 for every casualty. Should I ask people to think about that?

And Trump claims that some Middle Eastern terrorists might have joined the caravan of refugees walking through Mexico. Well, it’s actually worst–it’s Martians bringing a virus that will kill us all but leave our infrastructure intact.

You ask why Martians would walk 60 days or more to cross the U.S. border? For the same reason that Middle Eastern terrorists would.

Now about that caravan moving through Mexico….

Professor Noam Chomsky has described what I see in videos: hundreds of “poor miserable people–families, mothers, children”–fleeing from “severe oppression, violence, terror, and extreme poverty.”

In 2009 the wealthy oligarchy in Honduras threw out an elected government considering  reforms to benefit commoners and installed a military regime that murdered those who protested, or might protest one day, or just got in the way. Not long after the caravans started. Hungry, impoverished Central Americans joined together for the long, hard, dangerous trip north.  Some died; some returned to poverty; some found work in Mexico.

And some made it to the United States. Relatively few, however, were allowed refugee status. Our government, even under Obama, considered Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador as our allies and was reluctant to admit their citizens could be in danger from their own governments.

Now Republican spokespersons–with ample prompts from President Trump–are calling the latest groups of suffering people “invaders” and suggesting that they’re planning violence while enjoying food, water, sleeping bags, and even transportation provided by an American Jewish billionaire, George Soros.

And they claim there are 7,000 marchers even though the caravan only nears that size when hundreds of earlier migrants, now living in Mexico, briefly come out to support them.

Add some Middle Eastern  terrorists and it’s the trifecta of villains–Jews, Moslems, and brown people.

For those who swallow  lies, it’s only a small step more to believe extremists claiming that American Jews plan on killing all whites and repeopleing the country with brown and black people.

And hardly a step more for Robert D. Bowers to post that “they will not replace us” and enter a synagogue of worshippers.

Eleven died, and two congregants, plus four policemen, were wounded.

President Trump words condemning violence hardly slowed his message of hate.

He doubled down, heightening fears of violence and ordering 5,000 GIs to join the 2,000 National Guardsmen assisting 18,000 border patrol agents in waiting six to eight weeks for a few thousand worn-out men, women and children to reach our border.  .

And then he told troops to regard a rock in a migrant’s hand as a rifle.

A day later he insisted that he hadn’t suggested shooting anyone, just giving them really long prison terms.

After all, our President doesn’t want any violence.

Note this editorial by Judy Ferro published by Idaho Press – 2018

Published by Judy Ferro

Judy Ferro is communication director for the 2C Dems and a columnist for the Idaho Press.

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