Census work starts….

Census 2020 workers

We have received a few calls this week concerning census workers going door-to-door within residential areas and asking “pertinent” questions. We wanted to get some information out to all of our neighborhoods: 1. There are Census workers going door-to-door in residential areas verifying addresses. 2. When they come to the door, they will not be asking questions, they will announce that they are verifying addresses and that they may be taking pictures at the curb outside of the home, or putting information into their laptop at the curb outside of the home. 3. They will begin address canvassing (door-to-door) on August 4, 2019, and may not be finished until mid-October. How do you recognize a Census worker? 1. They will have a U.S. 2020 Census employee badge, a U.S. 2020 Census bag, and a U.S. 2020 Census laptop computer. 2. They will not be asking specific questions of residents at this time, they are just verifying addresses. NOTE: There is another census group (American Community Census Survey Group) that is gathering information over a 10-year period. If someone from this group comes to your door, verify their identity before answering questions. They will also have a badge and identifying credentials. A census worker will NOT: 1. They will not call you on the phone to ask for information — anyone calling on the phone saying they are with a Census group is not an authorized census worker and you should not give them any information. 2. They will not send you an email asking for information — anyone emailing you and saying they are with a census group is not an authorized census worker and you should block their email address and delete their email. Smile, the weekend is almost here :). Angie

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