Climate Change & Candidates

Climate change has hardly been an issue in presidential debates since Al Gore and George W. Bush faced off in the 2000 elections.

The topic has come up a grand total of 16 minutes in the four series of presidential debates since.

But climate change is getting harder to ignore.

Heat waves, wildfires, hurricanes, and droughts are getting harsher and more numerous. And any place not suffering from those four will be mobbed by newcomers as the rising sea level devastates major cities.

Gallop …

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Democratic Debates

I doubt anyone had “Watch 20 Dems debate for four hours” on their bucket list.

I certainly didn’t.

But I did it–and I’m glad.

Ten intelligent, hard driving leaders were on stage Wednesday, all saying things few Idaho Democrats hear often enough, and another 10 on Thursday.

They shared American values.

The real America would treat immigrants with compassion.

“And for a party that associates with Christianity to say…God would condone putting children in cages has lost all claim to ever use religious language …

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Idaho Voters and Party

If you watch Idaho election-night television, you may have seen a Democratic candidate at the Democrat’s Boise party, surrounded by Democrats, eating food Democratic contributors are paying for, state emphatically, “I am not a Democrat.”

Yes, Idaho Democrats have had candidates who’ve made being Democratic seem something to be ashamed of.

They claim  to be moderates–neither conservative nor liberal–but supporters of reason and compromise.

To know how party activists think about this, remember that 78 percent of Idahoans attending the 2016 Democratic presidential caucus …

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A Do Nothing Senate?

On May 22 Sen. John Kennedy lambasted the Senate saying, “We have done nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.”

Now, Democrats have taken to calling the Senate a “legislative graveyard,” but Kennedy is a Louisiana Republican. Believe it. No Democrat would have added that the Senate has approved some great judicial and executive nominees or that House Democrats have accomplished nothing by passing legislation that they know will be “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

Has the Senate actually been doing little except rubber stamp nominees?

Party of Fiscal Responsibility?

Just how can voters cling to the idea that Republicans are the fiscally responsible party?

Democrats are credited with supporting education and discredited for channeling money to the poor.

But people consider Republicans responsible with public funds.

Maybe it’s a holdover from the Eisenhower administration (1952-60). Facing a stagnant economy, the five-star general initiated an Interstate highway system. Our national  defense, he claimed, required connecting the country from coast-to-coast.

Putting a lot of people to work at taxpayer expense and increasing interstate trade were …

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