NAFTA2 – Pluses & Minuses

NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) has made life tougher for workers for 25 years. The treaty ended tariffs on a wide range of goods from Mexico at a time when wages there were about one-tenth of those in the U.S.

A million jobs left the U.S. .

And the fear of more outsourcing forced U.S. workers to accept lower wages.

Mexican workers also suffered a double whammy–corporate-friendly unions agreed to starvation wages while tariff-free U.S. corn exports left farmers destitute.

U.S. wages …

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Dems Healthcare Fight

I do wish Democrats would quit beating one another up over healthcare plans.

We’re all in favor of universal coverage, right?

The American people are overwhelmingly in favor of it.

So much so that President Trump is reviving claims he made in this first campaign that he’s going to give America the best health plan ever–the best in the world–and inexpensive, too.

Of course, we have to re-elect him to see it.

Republicans have failed to come up with a plan for 10 years–possibly …

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County Fair & Candidates

After working at the Democratic booth at the Canyon County Fair last week, I thought I’d look over earlier writings about the fair and share the ups and downs over the years. .

Searching, I found thank yous to volunteers and summaries of data gathered, but nothing about the amazing moments that make great memories.

So I’ll settle for capturing a bit of this year’s experience.

This was the first year we had a straw pool for 20 Democratic presidential candidates.

Now we had …

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Racism won’t die

Last week wiped out any doubt– racism is alive and thriving in the United States

It didn’t help that the previous week the government had promised massive immigration raids in 10 major cities that it failed to pull off.

Or that Vice President Mike Pence and Republican Senate leaders decided to have a photo op showing them surveying cages of immigrants and then declared that the crisis was the result of the “overwhelming of the system”–a system which this administration had devised.

And it certainly …

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There’s a major election coming up this November and most of us know less about it than the presidential primaries next March.

(Actually, there’s an election even closer–August 27–but it seems a sleeper.  The recall elections for Middleton School District trustees Tim Winkle and Aliesha McConkle are the only contests I know of in Canyon County.)

But in November, 2C voters will be deciding holders of about 40 different offices in 15 different political entities.  This record-breaking number is brought to you courtesy of …

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