Medical Updates – IMA

During the legislative session I get weekly updates from the Idaho Medical Association on the bills they are following.  And, week after week, I note that this is what lobbyists are supposed to do–educate legislators and voters.

Medical bills are a substantial portion of the legislative endeavors. At this stage in the session–when only a few special committees may yet submit bills–297 bills have been introduced.  Of these, 23 pertain to schools, 30 to courts, and 32 to health.

The IMA Status Report usually …

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Are you being represented?

Isn’t it great to see our legislators working on issues that show they share our values and concerns?

Like gerrymandering.

Idahoans up and down the state must have been contacting legislators complaining about redistricting methods being way too fair. Or maybe Republican legislators just understand  their supporters have meant to. After all, Idaho has districts where Democrats actually get elected.

Legislators only have to add one more Republican to the redistricting panel and, come 2022, we can have Boise divided up into pie wedges …

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School funding – enrollment vs attendance?

Rep. Mat Erpelding, minority leader of the Idaho House, recently wrote that basing funding on enrollment rather attendance is the one good thing about the new school funding proposal.  “Just because a student misses school does not make operations any cheaper for that day. The same amount of staff must show. The same amount of lights turn on. So, we should count all students enrolled for the school year. It sounds simple.”

I don’t disagree with Rep. Erpelding often, but I don’t even like …

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School funding formula fairness

My head hurts any time the subject turns to school funding formulas. They are complicated and even tiny differences can affect lives.

Yet, it is time to update Idaho’s current formula. It was adopted in 1995,before online and charter schools and dual enrollment.  And, now, after three years of research, a legislative committee has proposed a new formula.

Unfortunately, the best thing I can say about it is–it won’t pass the legislature.

A four-part article under “Data Points” on the Boise School District’s website …

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Secrets, More Secrets, and the Shutdown

Some weeks I go looking for topics. Some weeks they bombard me.

This week the catapults were working overtime.

Let’s start with the secrets.  Rep. Russ Fulcher’s September divorce was kept secret for four months.  His wife cited adultery as grounds and yet didn’t make a statement about the divorce?  Reporters didn’t notice?

If only that were the serious stuff.

A report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services revealed that thousands of children were separated from their parents at the border in …

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