2020 Canyon County Legislative Candidates

Find your district on this website. On the page for your address, look for “precinct” on the far right of the top band. The first number will be your precinct. The number after the hyphen is your district. Example: 12-10 means precinct 12 in district 10.

District 9

Allen Schmid for House Seat A

I am a candidate for the Idaho House of Representatives to make Idaho a better place to continue to raise our families. Proudly locally grown!

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District 10

Toni Ferro for Senate

To bring Idaho into the future, we need a legislature that is laser focused on the real needs of constituents. We need legislators that believe in the power of education, that will ensure our citizens have the health care they need without constant worry, and that understand the value of workers’ voices in the workplace.

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Rebecca Yamamoto Hanson for House Seat A

A supermajority of GOP in our legislature has crippled the ability to pass common sense laws relevant to Idaho. I want to see  a return to government for the people, by the people, not just for some people.

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Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln for House Seat B

 As an Idahoan born and raised, I’m working to make our home the best it can be for every family.

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District 11

Jacob Lowder for House Seat A

I grew up in Canyon County, I know what it means to work hard and move forward. My great-great grandparents moved over 5,000 miles to lay down roots in Idaho. It is that dedication and perseverance that could be of great use to the legislature. When I become your representative I promise to work for all of my constituents, to put aside partisan bickering and do what is right for us. 

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Dr. Edward Savala for House Seat B

“We need healthcare for all. I don’t care if you’re Democrat or Republican, we are our brother’s keepers, even though the politicians will tell us we’re not.”


District 12

Chelle Gluch for Senate

I am excited at the possibility of serving the people of District 12. Poverty, hunger, and homelessness should not define our community. Prosperity, financial stability, and the foundation of a solid education should be our defining features.

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Pat Day Hartwell for House Seat A

Medical issues are number one to me. The Legislature must also figure out how to get schools back on track. With businesses closed, and people laid off our State is going to be low on tax revenue. Our citizens need to get back to work and they need a living wage when they do. Our businesses need to reopen and grow. We need to protect our public lands, wildlife and fisheries. We must Add the Words.

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District 13

Jason Kutchma for House Seat A

Education is key to pursuing happiness and good health in the 21st Century. Quality education leads to a quality workforce and enhanced social structures. Investment in education now avoids the later high costs associated with mental health, substance abuse, and poverty. I hope to emphasize fiscally responsible innovation in K-12 schools.

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