Remember in November

If you vowed to “remember in November,” now is the time.

Remember legislators who let people die rather than support “Obamacare” in any shape or form.  Candidates who continue to insist on an “Idaho plan” after years of failure to come up with one. Those who insist that healthcare is a privilege reserved for those who can pay for it. Those who would rather get high scores from the Idaho Freedom Foundation than listen to their constituents.

Remember legislators’ mule-headed denials of global warming …

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Tax cuts vs deficits

Are you enjoying the extra $4,000 the 2017 tax cut brought every American family?

Okay, that’s a snide Democratic slam at inflated Republican promises, but I think it’s justified before this election. While the government claims wages have increased mightily, some sources point out that inflation has also.  So Wall Street Journal headlines shout that workers have gotten the biggest pay raise in nearly a decade while Forbes and the New York Times ponder why wage gains remain slow in spite of low unemployment.

Vote for Prop 2!

So many others have done a great job of supporting Medicaid Expansion lately that I haven’t felt my input was needed. Scores of organizations and volunteers have spoken out loud and clear.

A recent poll by Campaign Clarity Labs, however, reports that 36 percent of Idahoans are undecided on this issue.  Now, “undecided” may simply be the polite way Idaho voters tell pollsters, “None of your business,” but if some are yet struggling with the issue, it’s time for all healthcare supporters to speak …

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Two Parties??

About a year ago political commentators questioned the survival of our party-dominated political system.

“The two-party system is dying–let’s put it out of its misery” (The Hill, Nov 10, 2017).

“Commentary: Once centers of hope, political parties are dying” (Reuters, Dec.9, 2017).

“John Kasich says U.S. two-party system dying, predicts ‘multi-party’ future” (Washington Times, Feb. 25, 2018).

It’s probably not a coincidence that an NBC poll released Nov. 2, 2017, indicated that both Republicans and Democrats had high negatives–46 and 42 percent–while voter turnout …

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