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Biden Inauguration

President Biden will be inaugurated on Wednesday, Jan. 20. A memorial for COVID victims will be held the previous day. Democrats will retain control of the House. Gaining control of the Senate is a long shot and will depend on a January runoff for two Georgia Senate races.

Idaho legislature

The Idaho legislature will convene Monday, January 11. Gov. Brad Little is expected to give his  State-of-the-State address at 1 p.m.  It will include his budget request for the year. 

Major development this year–the state has a budget surplus of $580 million. The tax relief fund is up $136 million. (That’s money from internet sales taxes that the legislature declared will not be used where it’s needed most–funding schools,  Medicaid matching, etc.)

Expect to see action: 

  • To lower taxes–removing the sales tax on food, restructuring property taxes, and/or lowering income taxes. 
  • For one-time projects–repairing bridges and roads.
  • For education–watch for plans from the NEA and Reclaim Idaho.
  • For the legislature–expect to see legislators fight to limit the Governor’s emergency powers.   


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Idaho election results

Democratic candidates at the top of the ticket each received about 26,000 votes or 28.5%.

Democrats lost two legislative seats statewide. This gives Republicans a 58 to 12 advantage in the Idaho House. The Senate remains at 28 Republicans and 7 Democrats.

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