2C Dems currently working on recruitment

Contest every race is the challenge for Democrats across the country. Canyon County Democrats will focus on recruiting precinct captains and legislative candidates.  Candidates must file for office between Feb. 28 and March 11. Precinct captain candidates file at the Canyon County Elections Office; legislative candidates, at Idaho Secretary of State’s Office.

Precinct captains. Canyon County currently has 64 precincts. Recruiting is complicated this year because county clerks are not required to post precinct boundaries within our newly reapportioned districts until Jan. 15.  

Once elected on May 17, precinct captains become members of their county and legislative district central committees. They must then elect county officers by May 27 and district officers by May 31.   

Legislative candidates.  Each legislative district elects a senator and two representatives. Three (11, 12, 13) of the newly approved legislative districts are within Canyon County and three others (9, 10, 23) include portions of the county. Ideally then, Canyon County would have up to 18 candidates file by March 11.  In past years we’ve had 8 to 10 file for 12-15 positions. 

Republican incumbants expected to run in 2022 and their new districts.

District 9: Abby Lee and Jim Rice, senators; Scott Syme, Ryan Kerby, and Judy Boyle, representatives.  

District 10: Tammy Nichols, Bruce Skaug, and Mike Moyle, representatives 

District 11: Greg Chaney, senator; Julie Yamamoto, representative

District 12: Ben Adams, senator

District 13: Rick Agenbroad, senator; Brent Crane, representative 

District 23: Todd Lakey, senator; Rick Youngblood, representatives  

This map shows part of L03, the map for the recently adopted legislative districts.

D11, D12 and D13 are totally within Canyon County.

D9, D10, and D23 include portions of Canyon County.

For district maps, visit https://sos.idaho.gov/elections-division/redistricting/. To see which new district you live in, submit your address on the Redistricting Commission’s map page.

In mid-January the Idaho Supreme Court will hear four lawsuits contesting adoption of this map. Once a map is approved, the county will redraw precinct boundaries within each district.

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The 2C Dems Central Committee’s next meeting will be at 7 pm, Tuesday, Jan. 25. It hasn’t been decided whether it will be in-person at the County Administrative Building, 111 N. 11th Ave, Caldwell, or via zoom.

The next First Tuesday Social will be at 6 pm at 2C Family Brewing, 1215 1st St S, Nampa, on Tuesday, Feb. 1. Here we talk politics and life, and get to know one another. All Democrats are welcome.

There are currently three initiatives seeking volunteers and signatures in Canyon County.

The Quality Education Act would allot an addtional $300 million a year to Idaho schools. Its sponsor–Reclaim Idaho–is seeking volunteers and a volunteer coordinator in Caldwell.

The Idaho Medical Marijuana Act is detailed and based on laws in other states. It is sponsored by Kind Idaho.

An act to raise the minimum wage would raise wages to $13 ($10 for tipped servers) by July 1, 2026. Fair Wage Idaho posts sites for its coming signature gathering.

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