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Monthly Central Committee Meeting – Our next planning meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday, May 25. LIVE at the County Admin Building, 111 N 11th Ave, Caldwell, and on zoom.

Note: The bill to require initatives to get signatures from 6% of the voters in every legisative district is now law. Reclaim Idaho has filed a lawsuit. If it fails, they will seek to overturn it by an initiative. They filed under the earlier law so it has a possibility of being successful.

Fred Cornforth of Boise, founder of Community Development, Inc., was elected chair of the Idaho State Democrats on March 13.

“The values we hold as the Idaho Democratic Party are the values that Idahoans hold from Aberdeen to Bonner’s Ferry and every town and community in between,” Cornforth said. “We are ready to get to get to work to bring balance back to our state [and] common sense to our capitol building…”


Recall: Kim Rost, Nampa School Board Trustee for Zone 4
Election of Highway Commissioners: Canyon HD zones 1 and 2;
Golden Gate HD Zones 1 and 2 (Maps not found)

Updated for Sunday mornings each week. Askerisks (*) indicate action during previous week. The most damaging bills are featured below. See a complete list of bills we’ve followed at https://2cdems.org/major-legislation/.

Current bills to watch

To prevent a taxing body from revealing whether or how much a new levy will affect the current tax rate. LAW. HB 66 was amended by the Senate where it passed 35-0. It passed the House 48-20-2.

To allow state agencies to hire their own lawyers at costs 3 to 8 times as much as taxpayers would pay through the Attorney General’s office. HB101 passed the House 54-15-1.

To allow school faculty and staff to carry firearms to school if they hold an advanced concealed weapons certificate. HB 122 gives the school board no say in the matter. It passed the House, 52-18. SB 1135 is still in committee.

To allow school boards to set teacher compensation without negotating with teachers. HB174 passed the House 45-25.

To allot $5 million for $500 education grants for students with unique educational needs and $5 million for grants over $6,000 for students from public schools who wish to switch to private ones. FAILED. HB294 (formerly HB215) has passed the House 47-22-1, but failed in the Senate 16-18-1. This bill would essentially pay parents $6,000 to deny their kids a formal education. There are no restrictions on size, hours, or curricula of private schools and some have only 2-4 students. Less than 0.01% of students will receive funds and those students will have preferred access in succeeding years. It appears $30 million in Federal funds is requested to initiatve the program. .

To lower income taxes by 0.125% for the lowest bracket and up to 0.425% for the highest. In addition, the first year each Idahoan would receive a one-time payment of $50 or 9% of state taxes paid in 2019, whichever is higher.  The ongoing tax saving has been estimated at $13 a year for a couple earning $25,000 and $10,000 a year for a couple earning $1 million.The bill is expected to cut revenue by $390 million and impose withdrawal of a second $390 million in Federal COVID-19 aid. It may require cuts in spending for schools and government services and could make improvements impossible for decades. HB 332 passed the House, 58-12, on a straight party vote. A similar bill, HB 380, passed the House 57-12-1. Both are in the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee.

To amend the Idaho Constitution so that legislative leaders must convene a special session within 15 days after receiving a written request from 60% of the members of each house. SJR 102 passed the Senate by 24-11 and the House by 54-15-1. A Constitutional amendment, it need not be signed by the Governor but approved by a majority of the voters.

To add $4 million to the legislature’s Legal Defense Fund. LAW. SB1022 passed the Senate, 27-7-1, and the House, 57-11-2.

To authorize a Work Readiness Diploma for those who have completed technical programs. LAW. SB1039a passed the Senate and House unanimously and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

To fund dual-credit courses for students in private schools. LAW. SB1045 passed the Senate and the House.

To raise the legal age for possession of tobacco or electronic smoking devices to 21. SB 1087 passed the Senate 25-10-0, but failed in the House 28-40-2.

*To require petitions to place an initiative on the ballot to include signatures from 6% of the voters in all 35 legislative districts. LAW. SB1110 passed the Senate 26-9-0 and the House 51-18-1. It’s been signed by the Governor.

To insert Idaho’s current drug laws into the Idaho Constitution so they can’t be changed by initiative.  A Constitutional amendment requires support by a 2/3 majority in both houses and a simple majority of voters. SJR 101 passed the Senate, 24-11.


The state has a budget surplus of $580 million and the tax relief fund is up to $136 million (money from internet sales taxes). There is also Federal money from a pandemic relief bill passed in December and anticipated money from one before Congress now.

The legislature has focused on limiting a governor’s powers during emergencies, ending citizen’s power of initiative and referendum, and weakening our public school system. All attempts to lower property taxes have failed.

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3rd Tuesday Monthly Exec Comm Meeting – Next meeting at 7 pm Tues, April 20. All officers please attend.

4th Tuesday Monthly Business Meetings – Next meeting is at 7 pm, Tues, April 27. All Democrats are welcome to attend although only precinct captains may vote on motions.

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